The gift before the gift

At Paperland we believe the wrapping around a present is the gift before the gift that delights both the gift-giver and the gift-receiver. It is in this spirit of giving that we have crafted this special offer for you.

Stores that offer a gift wrap service typically buy a counter roll of gift wrap (usually 150 to 200 meters) of a single design/colour selected by the store owner. The problem is we all have different tastes, some customers may like the store owners choice of gift wrap while others may not and everything wrapped at the store will look the same.

We believe that catering to those individual tastes by offering a variety of gift wrap in different designs and colours will delight your customers, strengthen your brand and generate loyalty. In a world full of online shopping and homogenous gift-wrap we want to help our customers offer the most tailored and personal gift-wrapping service possible.

Paperland's unique 9 roll collections

When you order one of Paperland's collections you'll receive 9 rolls (57cm x 25 meters) of different designs and colours - all for a similar price as a single counter roll. Every roll in the collection is unique, no two boxes will be the same and all of our collections are best-sellers from four of Europes leading paper producers.

Customer satisfaction is always our priority which is why we will pay for the return shipping for any of the rolls that you don't like.

Our 9 roll Collections are Classic, Children, Unicolour and Christmas

Paperland offers packs of 9 x 25 m rolls for the same price as one counter roll.

As the owner of a store that offers gift-wrapping this enables me to personalise the service I offer to my customers.

I can even return the rolls that I don't like - for free!

- Thomas, Tremark

How it works

  1. Place your order in one or more of the four categories (Classic, Christmas, Childrens and Unicolour)
  2. We ship your order to you
  3. You return the rolls you don't like within 14 days using the enclosed pre-paid delivery note. All that we ask is that you return the rolls in their original packaging
  4. After we receive any returns we will send you an invoice for the rolls that you keep


9 rolls (57 cm x 25 m) 


9 rolls (57 cm x 25 m)  


9 rolls (57 cm x 25 m)  


9 rolls (57 cm x 25 m)